Topical Bingo

Below you will find a number of files for you to play bingo with. Download the game, and perhaps the sample file if you wish. Please read the About and Help boxes when you open each file, it will give you tips on how to use the files effectively and how I got the data for them.

Dont forget, in order to play the Bingo game you either need vista, or download the .Net framework.

Bingo Game You need this to play any of the files

Animals (sample File) This is just a file to get a feel for the game
Creationism/Intelligent Design A 5x5 bingo game that debunks the most common creationist claims
CAM a 5x5 bingo game the debunks the most common claims from practitioners of homeopathy, acupuncture, and other 'ancient healing medicines'
Global Warming Denial a 5x5 bingo game that debunks tired 20 year old claims that are still used by people who still refuse to see how we are harming our planet and in turn increasing suffering around the world.
Psychics a 5x5 bingo game that debunks common claims by psychics and astrologer and explains how they can do what they are doing.

The suggested price of each file is 5 dollars. Check the About page to see how the money is getting used. you are totally free to download without paying anything.

If you need to ask questions, please feel free to contact me here

If you are interested in further topics in response to how these items came to be, please feel free to visit my blog

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